Why you need to Hire Integrity

Why you need to Hire Integrity

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong principles. People with integrity understand that actions have consequences and that doing something “unethical” results in loss for the organisation.

Serious care needs to be taken in ensuring that services provided are delivered in a way that reflects quality – at every level of the company.

Below are the common side effects of hiring unethical employees:

  • Abusing company property
  • Failing to arrive at work on time
  • Ignoring safety precautions
  • Lying or hedging on the truth
  • Missing work repeatedly
  • Mistreating other employees or having difficulty working with others
  • Resisting direction and supervision
  • Significantly underperforming
  • Stealing

Integrity is important; it can cause many problems in the workplace if it is not checked before you make a hiring decision. Not dealing with integrity during selection can create an atmosphere of mistrust and erode confidence in management

We introduce to you a smart tool that HELPS smart organizations make smart decisions throughout the employment lifecycle- SMARTHIRE

SmartHire is a psychometric test that assists organizations to predict a candidate’s behaviors around integrity-related issues early in the hiring process.

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