Save Your Company From Hiring Employees That Can Affect Your Organization Negatively

SmartHire is a psychometric test that assists organizations to predict a candidate’s behaviors around integrity-related issues early in the hiring process.


Why Should You Use SmartHire?

Make reliable hiring decisions

Our psychometric tests are tailored to the level of responsibility required and ensure you an objective recruitment process.


Develop core competencies

Our assessment tools help you appreciate your employees’ skills, enhance individual talent and implement customized training.


Identify high potentials

Our HR solutions help you assess the strategic skills and values of your company and identify your future leaders today.



The 9 Dimensions of our Integrity Test

The Dimensions of Integrity used in this integrity test is based on provision by Chemuturi Consultants, India.

Integrity of Commitment

Integrity against Lust

Integrity against Greed

Integrity of Respect

Integrity towards Facts

Integrity against Inducements / Temptation / Vice

Transactional Integrity

Legal Integrity

Secular Integrity


Latest News

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  • Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong principles. People with integrity understand that actions have consequences and that doing something “unethical” results in loss for the organisation. Serious care needs to be taken in

  • The attitudes, behaviors and responses of staff demonstrate a commitment to organizational values and goals. Ethical conduct prevails in the workplace. They act to prevent misconduct and improper behavior, they raise integrity concerns and they do not suppo